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Dear friends, clients, colleagues

It is a true pleasure right now to develop new products and services in intense contacts with clients and colleagues around the world.

Ready and „presentable“ is our brand new ToChange EXPANDER: in our view a great process to developing a clear and inspiring international strategy für SMEs!

And also we are currently developing an international management- and consultant education program especially for top SME-executives and consultants: intense and deep insights into India, Singapore, Middle East, US are guaranteed! We keep you informed!

Best regards form regensburg, Germany

Thomas Huber

You will learn about our Consulting Expertise and Approach

And please contact us for information about our latest projects!

In ToChange SCHOOL we offer Leadership Development and education for managers and supervisors responsible for strategic change process of companies and business units:

You will learn

  • how you can structure strategy development and strategy implementation!
  • in which way Megatrends influence your company and its future development!
  • how you create Change Processes which truely integrate the "level of facts" and the "level of emotions" in an involving and "moving" change effort!
  • how you act as a professional "Changer", how you influence and affect the people and the change process, you are steering!


Think with us - we are happy about your response!

best regards

Thomas Huber