Consulting Overview

Systemic Strategy Development

ToChange GmbH - together with you - leads the process of Strategy Development in your company. 

We do that by integrating the "whole system" in a value based and methodically proofen way, respectful and result oriented.

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Strategy Implementation and Systemic Change Management

ToChange is designing and planning the entire process of strategy implementation and will be executing the change process: very lean and yet with clear results!

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Team Development for TopTeams

ToChange facilitates the team development of Top Management Teams. 

In many cases that leads to completely new (or lost) ways of appreciative, trouble-free and effective collaboration between the team members. 

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International Consulting

ToChange offers a large network of outstanding experts in the relevant fields of "internationalisation of a medium sized company".

We support you finding the right locations for your market activities, the right partners for your international supply chain and to building up the international presence of your company.

We do that in a culturally appropriate way and with the help of our international partners.

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