Strategy Development and Strategy Process

We understand Modern Strategy Development as a shared leadership performance of a company, not to be delegated to external actors!

And the implementation of a strategy already starts in the moment we start the
development and formulation of the new strategy!

That´s why we integrate the important protagonists in a lean but consequent process right from the beginning: the core questions of a strategy are being elaborated and answered in a joint way!

By doing so you can achieve the highest level of shared wisdom and a maximum of emotional acceptance and accountability!

If you really do want that!

Strategy Development in 5 "Sprints":

We provide the structure, the guiding questions and the methodes for a transparent and powerful change process in "Five Sprints":

  • Sprint 1: Why do we have to leave? Figures, numbers, facts: Perspective of your clients, internal insights and opinions, Megatrends, ...
  • Sprint 2: Who are we? Analysis of the core competencies of your company / business unit, SWOT, ...
  • Sprint 3: Where do we want to go - Vision? Challenging and attractive targets in the future, Interviews, Visualisation … lead to "specific visions, missions" ...
  • Sprint 4: Where do we want to go - Strategic Goals? Definition of clear quantitative and qualitative goals for the company and its business units, ...
  • Sprint 5: How do we get there - Change Strategy? "Intervention Level Analysis", developmental targets on the levels of facts and emotions, milestones and intervention architecture ...

The Strategic Process as such has important functions:

  • It identifies the best decisions and orientation for the business unit
  • Additionaly it creates the strongest consensus for the future way amongst the employees of the company - by purposeful and intense involvement of the important actors and stakeholdes!
  • Both levels are of the same importance and only together develop their full power!

Fram conditions:

  • Every "sprint" is a workshop of 2,5 days each; participants: up to 30 pax.
    The "sprints" are scheduled every 4 weeks