Strategy Implementation & Systemic Change Management

Integrated Change Management with ToChange:

  • … initiates and steers: 
    strategy focused, planned, organisational change in your company
    in a process, that integrates the level of facts and the level of emotions 
  • … strongly affects „transition":
    the inner psychological process, that occurs, 
    when people adapt to organisational change
  • … changes purposefully and specifically: 
    visions, strategies, structures, processes as well as 
    relations, values and normes, attitudes and (patterns of) behavior 

With this way of surprising, innovative and consequent Change Management we achieve for our clients remarkable success in acceptance and realization since more than 20 years.

And: all our projects are being professionally coordinated by our ToChange-Wiki. We are not as big as bigger consulting companies: but we are organised as least as good as they are ;-)

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