Systemic Development for Top Teams

At the beginning and during a strategic change we often findin leadership teams a very divers basic understanding about in which direction the company should develop and how.

This "pluralism" has strong effects: the different inner pictures of the managers about the actual state and the future orientation of the company in a massive way influence their individual and common leadership behavior/communication as a team.

Only if we have a shared perspective and interpretation of the actual state, strategic goals and the change strategy we will find shared and coordinated action during strategy development and  strategy implementation.

In systemic team development - mostly 3 to 4 workshops (2 days each) - we identify and tackle all relevant questions for the team:

  • The pleasant result:
  • A much better understanding on an interpersonal and collaborative level
  • Much more clarity and accountability for the shared vision and goals
  • Much more mutual support and appreciation of the individual contribution and common result
  • Viel mehr gegenseitige Unterstützung und Freude an der gemeinsamen Arbeit
  • Better results of the leadership effort and in the development of the company and its units

Very often with Systemic Team Development we revitalize processes essential for the high performing team which are not being touched by the "classical" consulting approaches.

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