Introducing: OneWorld Consultant Education

Because your clients’ ambitions need your global expertise

As a consultant you want to provide your clients with the best expertise on industry practices. You already have a rich source of knowledge and experience and the perspective that comes from helping develop your clients’ small and medium sized business.
You supported your clients as they navigated the ever changing business environment.
You helped them identify business goals, plan strategies, define actions, develop leaders and helped them build the right workforce to achieve those goals.

Now your clients are ready to take the next step and establish a business with a global footprint. Are you rightly equipped to guide their expansion plans?

The world today is a global village and your clients are moving across hemispheres and latitudes like never before. They need your expertise as they go through this often-difficult task of setting up a business overseas.

They would appreciate the familiar comfort and surety of your expertise.

To be able to do that you need to offer them the same expertise they have become so used to. But now that familiar expertise needs to be supplemented with region-specific cultural and socio-economic awareness.
And if you can provide them the support of a network of fellow consultants who speak the same language when it comes to methodology, you can offer your clientele a truly world-class service.

In addition to providing your clients with region-specific expertise, you also need to know
how to position your global practice. You need to position yourself to capitalise on your new global cultural and economic expertise.


What is OneWorld International Consultant Education?

OneWorld is an experiential program conceptualized by a group of fellow consultants from Asia, Europe and the US. 

One Wolrd is being executed in modules, And it is designed with senior consultants like you in mind. Inspired by today’s need for collaboration, globalization, and common methodologies we created a consultant educational program unlike any other offered today.

In each of the modules of OneWorld you will get a detailed view of:

  • Today and tomorrow’s key economic regions and business sectors that your clients might be looking to expand in to
  • The macro data as well as the national economy of the geographies your clients are looking to expand in. The program also offers insight in to the sectors most relevant to your client’s specific needs
  • Social and business etiquette in different geographies by weaving in local customs/traditions with the regions’ sales, marketing, trade and fiscal regulations. 
  • The important aspects of consulting in specific geographies. We help you identify the specific challenges foreign consultants face and empower you with the competencies needed to operate in that geography. You are introduced to a network of local consultants and business partners who can help provide continual support to your clients
  • The relevant professional consulting associations such as ISBW and IBO in Germany or the ACMP in the US. This will help you get a good idea of the local consulting market as well as further strengthen your international network
  • Marketing yourself and your new skills in various regions of the world

OneWorld modules have been carefully designed to facilitate interaction with business executives, administrators and consultant colleagues from the geographies you are interested in. You get a real taste of operating in that local business environment and leave equipped with in-depth cross-cultural knowledge to inform your clients’ crucial decisions.

OneWorld’s faculty will provide expertise in the development of advanced international strategy as well as implementation and managing organizational change. This will help you help your clients move up the value chain in their business sector.

OneWorld gives you the reach you need to offer clients global coverage through a network of consultants trained in the same core disciplines, talking the same language.

OneWorld gives you the critical knowledge you need to price yourself outside of your base region of operation. This will help you establish a lucrative business model.

OneWorld is an intensive program completed over 12 months. It is comprised of four modules, each lasting four to five days. It starts with a mandatory foundation module in Germany exploring the business environment there. In each subsequent module you will gain powerful perspectives into different geographies, as well as explore a specific consultant methodology in depth.

Content of the OneWorld Consultant Education

In every module we will cover the whole range of local business and culture provided by the ToChange Expander Team, the local partners, dialogue partner and managment and authority  representatives, also supported by the local participants

In every module we also provide another bundle of state of the art consultant approaches and methodologies, like:

  • systemic organizational theory
  • appreciative inquiry and solution focused change approach
  • systemic strategy consulting methodology
  • group dynamics and social dynamics
  • individual functional coaching theory as well as 
  • organizational and labour psychology 

International Modules and Timeline of OneWorld

OneWorld will be conducted in different modules around the world. 

To make the program as interesting and attractive as possible, we concentrate on the following destinations

Foundation Module:   Germany :      2015, April 26th to 30th

Module Two:                   Singapore:     2015, July 20th to 24th 

Module Three:              India:              2015, December 14th to 18th

Module Four:                Brazil:             2016, April 10th to 14th

By this choice of countries / regions we make sure to cover an important selection of economical hot spots of the future.

With coming programs we plan to add destinations such as Northern America, Middle East etc..

Costs of one module of OneWorld

Very early bird booking = until end of September 2014 = the price for each module = Euro 3050.-

Early bird booking  = until end of December 2014 = the price for each module = Euro 3450.-

Late booking = until end of February = the price of each module = Euro 3850.- 

Non profit organisations will get a reduced price,- please contact Thomas or Kiran

Admission Process 

Kiran and Thomas are glad to answer you questions about the program more in detail.

After you claim your interest, we kindly ask you to fill out a questionnaire about your professional background and your consultant´s experience in order to make sure that you benefit as much as possible from the program.

Active Supporters of OneWorld International Consultant Education

These institutions are founding supporters of the first OneWorld Program:


Empower yourself to empower your clients.