ToChange GmbH

The special thing about ToChange GmbH: 

We offer "integrated corporate development": Strategy development, strategy implementation, change management and specialist counseling in the following fields of expertise:

  • Strategy Development and Strategy Implementation (Change Management)
  • Evaluation and selection of business locations 
  • Environmental analysis of potential production sites  
  • Foreign trade and customs law
  • Legal services consulting, esp. intellectual property rights (IPR) cases
  • International insurance law services (i.e. intern. product & manufacturer´s liability)
  • Recruiting and leadership development for middle and top management
  • Cross cultural skill development
  • Quality management systems

Our standard is, that we do all of that on the highest quality level!

Our network of outstanding experts elaborate together with you excellent 

  • Market -Strategies
  • Production - Strategies
  • Marketing - Strategies 
  • Logistic - Strategies
  • Human Resources Strategies

At the same time - right from teh start - our experienced process consultants create an implementation process, which embedds the strategy with high acceptance and emotional support into your company.

In that way you achieve in your change the highest value and benefit for your company.

That´s the special thing about ToChange!