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Because the world is (not) flat...

What spurs us on to develop international strategies for SMEs?

  • We are excited about the possibilities opened up through internationalization.
  • We are fascinated by the directness, intrinsic value, creativity and dynamism of SMEs.
  • We are inspired by coming into contact with others.
  • We love the diversity the world offers!

Sharpening views, expanding horizons. Appreciating the old. Changing perspectives. And through this focusing on new tasks together. Maybe even planning more internationalization!

ToChange EXPANDER exists to support SMEs in their quest for a highly effective international strategy – naturally, through applying sophisticated processes and backed up by an excellent network of cosmopolitan colleagues with passion and extensive expertise.


The ToChange EXPANDER approach

With ToChange EXPANDER, the strategy process results in intelligent, sophisticated solutions that enjoy maximum acceptance and implementation-readiness in your company:

in 5 logical sprints to your Master Business Strategy!

1. „Case for change“

“What are the really compelling catalysts for your strategic realignment?”

2. Core competencies?

“What are your company’s current strengths? What are your company’s unique selling points?”

3. Vision

“What does the exciting future for your company really look like? 
Where exactly do you want to go?”

4. Strategic goals

“What exactly do you want to achieve together?
How will you know that you are on the right track?”

5. Implementation process

“What should the careful, lean and effective implementation of your
international strategy look like, both at home and in the new regions?”

ToChange EXPANDER provides a solid foundation for your decision for or against internationalization of your company to ensure that its implementation
will be a resounding success: 

in 4 professional sprints to your Internationalisation Strategy!

1. Market analysis and selection

“Which foreign market is the most attractive for your company?”

2. Development of market strategy

“Which business model and what market entry strategy make the most sense
for your company?”

3. Preparation and implementation of market entry

“What timing, marketing and sales strategies are best suited to achieving your internationalization goals?”

4. Roll-out-phase

“What master plan will you use to implement your internationalization strategy
and monitor its implementation?”

The advantages for you: ToChange EXPANDER

  • guides you and the main decision makers in your organization through the entire strategy development process: transparent, highly structured and with expertise!
  • promotes the highest level of commitment within your company and among your key stakeholders to the implementation of your strategy and your future international alignment!
  • provides company-specific analyses and solid arguments for your decision-making process!
  • helps you to steer the implementation process for the entire strategy and, in particular, your internationalization!
  • finds contact partners for you in the various countries with expertise in international trade, tax law, patent law and insurance law ...!
  • a rare ability: Connects exceptionally high levels of skill in the integrated management of strategic, methodological and social processes with a wealth of international expertise in a vibrant, intercultural business network!