ToChange School

In ToChange School we spread our knowledge to the following areas of expertise:

  • NEW: Appreciative Inquiry with Tony Silbert and David Shaked in London, JUNE 16 - 20
  • About the future of hierarchy and leadership: CLOU - the Colleague Letter of Understanding: We have invited Paul Green Jr. to illustrate the concept, the process of implementation and the up to date results of this courageous approach on February 20th and 21st, 2014. The date is a "Must" for all who wants to deeply reflect on the leadership system in their own company!!
  • Systemic Strategy Development and Strategic Process: How can you create a strategic process which results in smart rational solutions as well as a widely accepted and emotionally supported strategy in your company?
  • Strategy Implementation and Change Management: How do you design and conduct an involving, integrated and result oriented Strategy Implementation Process in your company?
  • Megatrends: Here you will learn to understand and apply the MEGATREND concept to your company. You will understand the importance of selected trends for your business and market expansion. We will have discussions in the eye of the tornado and on the periphery of perception.
  • Systemic Group-Dynamic:  Guiding questions: What is a team? How do I lead myself in a team? How do I influence and lead a team? 
    This will be a workshop you might have once in a lifetime: challenging, touching, enlightening and inspiring! Nothing less, nothing more!

These educations are created for and applicable by managers, external and inhouse consultants and for change agents and change responsibles.

We go far beyond "teaching" clever "change models": you will develop a deep understanding of the leverages and principles of successfull change in your organisational context.

Interested? Please contact us for our workshops in English language.